Anthony St. Peter

Alternative, Indie Rock, Blues

Anthony St. Peter is a seasoned musician, songwriter, and singer with a wide range of influences. His passion for music began when he was 10, and his mother bought him a Washburn Lion guitar. From the moment he picked it up, he knew he had a special connection to the instrument.

Over the years, Anthony has honed his skills and developed a unique sound that blends elements of blues, indie rock and heavier alternative. His blend of genres and honest lyrics lends itself to form a sonic landscape of originality. His music speaks to a wide range of listeners and has gained a following throughout New England.

Anthony’s journey has taken him on a winding path: He was born in Westerly, Rhode Island but grew up in Nuremberg, Germany. He attended high school in Waterboro, Maine, Sanford, Maine and Jacksonville, Florida before returning to Germany, where he graduated.

Now, he is taking his music to the next step and is releasing his debut solo album A Familiar War. Anthony lives in Gray, Maine with his wife and two children.